About us

Morris Park is the jewel in the crown of the property portfolio of H. Morris & Company Limited and stands on the site of our former Morris Furniture factory next to the M74 motorway at Polmadie.


H. Morris & Co. Ltd. was established in 1904 by Harris Morris and enjoyed a rich and successful history spanning three generations of the Morris family. Harris, his son Neil and grandson Robert steered the company through production of a diverse range of products for over a century, making top quality furniture for some of the most prestigious hotels, cinemas, bars, restaurants and luxury ocean liners, including the Queen Mary and QE2, as well as becoming a major player in the domestic and office furniture markets.


In recent years, the company has diversified into other areas including commercial and residential property and equestrianism. Morris Equestrian Centre in Ayrshire hosts some of the top equestrian events in Scotland and has created a charity, The Daimler Foundation, to support riding for the disabled and to encourage more people to understand the benefits horse-riding and caring for a horse can have on their health and wellbeing.


Whatever the time period, H. Morris & Company Limited proved to be a valuable, flexible and consistent business, showing an ability to adjust and react not only to the current demands but having the foresight to develop new and innovative products for the years ahead. Which brings us to Morris Park…


Having sold the Morris Furniture brands in 2015, Robert Morris had a vision of what he would like to create on the 30-acre site which had once housed the factory and offices of the company. He planned a purpose-built business facility which would have an incubation unit for starter businesses, work zones and offices of various sizes, providing a base for many small to medium sized businesses to thrive. Where a community would grow and everything clients may need would be on their doorstep, from bakers to gyms, joiners to physiotherapists, a nursery, a restaurant/café/bar and a rooftop terrace to enjoy a coffee at lunchtime or a drink after work. It would offer ‘drag-along’ leases, giving businesses the opportunity to move to larger or smaller units within the Park if their needs change.


The development continues, with more work zones becoming available with each passing month. Work will begin on the first-floor offices and meeting rooms towards the end of this year with strong interest already being shown by companies and individuals keen to be part of the Morris Park experience. Care to join them?

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